4 thoughts on “ThruYou :: Kutiman mixes YouTube

  1. I just love how all the source material is totally amateur, grainy, un-selfconscious, no stage presence. I mean, I wouldn’t even give it a second look. But Kutiman has created such musical masterpieces, I am in complete awe. He makes it look so easy, but I bet he hasn’t slept for days, and 99% of his hard drive is a garbage dump. What a great example of creative editing and orchestration.

    How do you think he does it?

    Which are your favorite parts?


  2. @ naomi:
    He has a video about his process here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kz0gYbqOZXQ

    Yeah, it’s amazing how polished the arrangements sound when considering that the source material is found and chopped sounds from youtube vids. In fact, that is most certainly my favorite part. His arrangements really take this project to the level that it is on. Without great song arrangements, this would have just been an interesting gimmick.


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