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  1. what a cool idea! i absolutely love every mix ive downloaded from Splendid Beats, but i especially enjoy the more chilled sounds. “cinematic psybient with a slight world music touch” if you want to be very specific. i’m really looking forward to hearing what you come up with!

  2. HAHA Crispy! Feelin Crafty?
    I lOve to DANCE!!
    I like up-beat down-tempo!
    super-chill Ambient that makes me groove with superb bass beats, warbles and whomps.
    feel the rhythm.
    free the Bass! but keep it mellow.
    I worship with you! (with my eyes closed!)

  3. Exciting! 🙂

    I am listening from Hungary and my preferences are the same as what travis wrote earlier.

    Right now listening to Psilicon Dreams November 2009, and will proceed onto Dec, Jan, Feb, like on many other work days. Thank you for these mixes so much… I am hooked.

  4. That’s cool indeed! 🙂

    I’m listening from Austria, and my favourite mixes are Psilicon Dreams (the one from June ’10 is the best ever!); my thing is psychill and psybient.

    Can’t wait for your special mix! 🙂

  5. I’m in the Deep River, Ontario, Canada. When I started listening to “elecronica”, I went in at the deep end and couldn’t get enough Goa! Indicidentally and unfortunately, Philosomatika just disappeared. I wish I knew why.

    Anyway, since then I’ve gone through several other genres but, thanks to the genius of Simon P and great mixes like yours, Psychill is now at the top of the list, followed by Progressive and then Tribal House. Go figure.

    Please let me know if you’ve put together an all uptempo mix that would be good listening while running. Uptempo means faster times!


  6. Well a swell idea indeed! The name is edimus rex, hailing from the north burbs of chicago.I became a fan after hearing your music on psychill radio. I immediatly knew i had to have more! well i am definetly a fan of the Leave Trace chill. psilicon dreams is top notch in my book. I am now hooked,and eagerly awaiting to hear what up have up your sleeves. Thank you so much for giving your time to make these delectable beats! they truley are splendid. much love! -e.r

  7. Hey Crispy, I’m in Boise. Big fan of psychill / ambient psy / whatever you want to call it. Love all your mixes (although steering away from dubstep anymore). Thanks so much for putting these up for free download 🙂

  8. Greetings Crispy, I just want to say that you made an awesome mix at Psychedelic Circus in Seattle back a couple years, ago sadly i the computer i use doesnt allow me to stream music or download from websites or I would fer sure check your other mixes. Keep up the great vibes brotha, look forward to hearing another ecstatic set from ya.

    Peace and Love

  9. Hey there–I have fond memories of listening to your mixes as we toiled away in the Studio. I do drop in here from time to time to see how you’re doing. And download your awesome mixes!

  10. yay! i just found this beautiful place thanks to di.fm. i’m SO happy! psilicon dreams 8 is what lured me in–particularly Phutureprimitive –> Infected Mushroom, WTF amazing! 2 of my top artists ever, love it. just love it!

    i’m chilling out in the woods of nor-cal for the year… SUPER into the psychill, dubsteps, downtempo ambient shiet these days. mm hmm! thanks for being here! i’m going to go download everything in site now. heh .. <3 !

  11. Keep up the great mixes! I’m a listener from Western Australia who found your music through DI.fm and immediately fell in love with Psilicon Dreams. I’d always liked what I heard from you when it popped up but it was the June 2010 mix that got me to look you up and now I’m hooked.
    I mainly come here for some crispy chill, but I don’t mind what you mix, go nuts!

  12. Hi,

    i am readig/listening from Bratislava/Slovakia. Good job, you are doing, if i can call it that way.


  13. Great Idea! I’m from Seattle (new to the area) and I like

    Morning (Sesto Sento, Sub6, Star-X)

    Downtempo ( Prometheus, Ace Ventura)

    PsyChill (Younger Brother)

    Dark ( Shiva, Wizard Lizard)

  14. Just came across your mixes…I too love psy chill out music 🙂 Keep up the good work…Im just dling all via itunes!

    I especially like OTT and all the Twisted Recs stuff. Also recently came across Globular…fantastic music :-)Also CBL and the like.

    Im from the UK but have now moved to Australia. Based in Perth at the mo.

  15. PROGRESSIVE PSY!!!! 🙂 Still wishing I hadn’t had to leave during your set at Hotwired. Especially now that I’m half an ocean away. Still, cant complain Hawaii is treating us well so far. Just started a psyland track trying to find a cheep ukalaili that I can record for the breakdown. Come visit and keep up the phat beats.
    Peace n beats

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