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Like much of the Internet, I was slightly underwhelmed by the new Younger Brother album Vaccine. There are certainly a few gems on the release, like “Sys 700” and “Tetris”, but for the most part, it didn’t live up to the greatness they achieved with The Last Days Of Gravity. UK fans did get treated with a Deluxe Edition of the album, however, that includes this track “Delina Did It”. A tasty cut for sure. It doesn’t seem to be available outside of the UK, though, which is a crying shame. I want to buy this track and simply can’t. If anyone knows of where US customers and purchase it, please leave a comment for the greater good!

I spotted this on the Twisted forum

Delina did will get released later this as part of vaccine part 2 – we will probably work on it again for its official release…… Vaccine part 2 is dark.electronic.largely instrumental remixes of vaccine …. we started on it in December and plan to put it out later this year , we will also be doing a purely acoustic version of the album – both will be released together – stay tuned for more info

the reason we never play stuff from FOB live is the hard drive will the album’s studio sessions corrupted and we lost it all – as a result we only have the stereo files…. to play crumblenaut live we had to recreate it

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May 6th, 2011

Very nice track from a rather disappointing album. Unfortunately I didn’t get this track with my purchase (Australia). I feel quite ripped-off!


Lincoln Reply:

@Lincoln, Also, was there no Psilicon Dreams for April this year, or is it still on the way? Absolutely love these mixes and looking forward to the next one!


Crispy Reply:

@Lincoln, Thanks! There was no April Psilicon Dreams mix, but May’s mix is in the works.


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