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Pardon me while I gush about a fantastic piece of music. I’ve been meaning to post about this for a bit now, but haven’t found the right words to do it adequate justice.

Sending Orbs, purveyors of the highest quality chilltronica, have released another stunning gem of an album, Yagya’s Rigning. “Rigning” is Icelandic for “rain”, and as the name suggests, this 10-track masterpiece takes the rain theme and runs with it through its entirety. This album is drenched in rain samples around which all other elements are placed. Keeping close to the formula of dubby minimal techno, but certainly presenting a new vision of it, the basic recipe used here is a subtly mixed 4-on-the-floor kick drum to provide some structure as the heady, dub bass lines add just a touch of groove. Meanwhile, rain samples and beautiful pads provide space and atmosphere as gentle sprinkles of tinkling melodies really take you on a smooth emotional journey. There is nothing heavy handed about this release. Each track is delicate and mellow and yet so easily captures your mind and washes it clean of stress and worry.

I’ve listened to the album daily since I received it. Not many albums in my collection can make that same claim, but there is just something so lovely about Rigning that when it ends, starting it all over again is my instant reaction. You don’t have to just take my word for it, though. There are plenty of others that have had equal praise, and have said it all much more eloquently than I can. Or better yet, be your own judge. Listen to the clips found here and buy the album here to add this instant classic to your collection.

yagya — rigning


March 27th, 2009

Sounds really interesting. I’m digging it. Might have to pick it up.



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