9 thoughts on “Winter Solistice 2010 mix

  1. hey,
    very nice site.
    That is a wonderful occassion to create a mix for. I should get my ass this year for a mix by myself.

    You are lucky to feel creative at the right time, as in this case, the winter solstice.

    *goes off checking the related posts*


    Crispy Reply:

    @Schizovision, It’s always fun to work with a theme.

    As for luck, I don’t think its about feeling creative at the right time…. This key is to just give yourself time to be creative. There’s a subtle but important difference there.

    Thanks for stopping by!


    Schizovision Reply:

    @Crispy, thanks for the advice. It is so true.

    Always a please talking to a fellow artist.


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