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Meet Tom Cosm, electronic musician/digital busker.

This man is an active participant, a pioneer even, in one of the more exciting new fronts in electronic music. Specifically, the free sharing of music, knowledge, techniques and actual working files. His style covers a lot of ground, but there’s a definite Tom Cosm sound, typified by super funky, almost spazzy, bass lines with a heavy layer of glitch-like effects. As he mentions in the introduction video, he releases all of this creativity and knowledge into the world for free, partly as a promotional effort to drum up bookings and partly just to share with the universe. This is where the “Digital Busker” title comes into play. There are several ways to donate a few dollars when you can to help him continue down this path. Often he lists specific goals for his donation requests. Currently, he’s asking for help drumming up the cash to upgrade to Ableton Live 7.

Check out his latest track, Heaps Good Strong Board:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Pretty cool, huh? Now here’s the brilliant part, go here to download the full Ableton Live set that allows you to perform or remix this track. There’s even a tutorial video to walk you through the entire file and how he’d use it in a live performance situation.

If you are an electronic musician (aspiring or otherwise) or just a fan of interesting music and want to know more about the processes behind making it, I highly encourage you to go to his site, TomCosm.com. Download his music, Ableton Live performance packs and tutorial videos, subscribe to his blog, and donate a few dollars if his selfless sharing of ideas and music inspires you in any way. This concept of a Digital Busker is perhaps the future of music on the Internet, and hopefully Tom not only inspires musicians with his software techniques, but also with his philosophy.

In a related bit of sharing, the super awesome duo Pitch Black has offered up their track Harmonia for remxing and personal use. You can download the complete Ableton Live file here: pitchblack.co.nz/harmonia.

Whatever is in the water in New Zealand (the home of both Tom Cosm and Pitch Black), I hope it spreads throughout the world and this idea of freely sharing your working files catches on. Musicians are becoming content creators, DJs are becoming remix artists and producers, and all of this blurring between rolls in the grand electronic music circle can only lead to better music and performances for us all. The DJ as it has been known is on their way out, and soon (if it isn’t already true), it will take original content, remixes and mash-ups to make any sort of statement worth listening to.

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