Splendid Beats Music and Thoughts by Crispy / Leave Trace
Categories: Chill Room, Leave Trace

Available for free download is my 3-track EP, Textural Selection. These tracks are linked by their synesthetic fusion of audio grit and the deep, mellow atmospheres that I’m compelled to explore. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of fuzz in your stylus of life to remind you to pay attention to the moment and savor reality while you still can.

Stream it in it’s entirety via the player below and download a track or the entire release in the format of your choosing—including lossless formats—here.

Music and Art by Chris Haines. Dilate originally by Justin Byrnes, Keith Kelley & Sean Donoghue-Neider and released on Anxiety of Acceleration EP. Mastered by Jake Perrine.

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