Here it is... Psilicon Dreams 12, my monthly mix of psychedelic downtempo electronica for DI.FM's Psychill channel, for November 2010. This mix marks the beginning of year 2 for Psilicon Dreams. Crazy... I'd have thought that I would have run out of great music to put in these monthly mixes by now, but I keep being amazed by how much awesome stuff is out there. I'll keep mixing them as long as it keeps being easy to find the good stuff. When that becomes work, though, that's when I pull the plug. This month's mix was inspired by a growing pile of glitchy/scratchy/squishy tunes that just don't quite fit within the standard psychill cannon, so I decided to explore the outer edges of the genre, and give these tunes their proper moment of glory. Like what you hear? Let me know! And don't forget you can grab all off the past Psilicon Dreams mixes from my downloads page. You can also subscribe to the Splendid Beats Podcast and never miss another splendid download! Tune in every second Saturday at 9am US PST/12pm US EST/5pm UK/18:00 Central Europe to catch the newest episode. Tracklist :: 01. Logic Bomb - A 02. Eitan Reiter - Just Another Night (Part 2) 03. Krusseldorf - Boxing 04. Sun In Aquarius - Enigmatic Vibrations 05. Etnoscope - Floating Feeling [free download] 06. Disia - Phone Knot [free download] 07. Gel-Sol - Glade 08. Warp Technique - Nightbreak (Demba remix) 09. Tipper - Cinder Cone 10. Mr Projectile - You Need 11. Kilowatts - Deliriously 12. Leave Trace - Oh Wow [unreleased] 13. Nalepa - Blue 14. Mauxuam and Greg Hunter - Nimbus [free download] 15. Kalya Scintilla - InLakesh 16. Hibernation - The Littlest Computer 17. Nagual Sound Experiment - Hexorcism Check the full mix write-up at http://splendidbeats.com/psilicon-dreams-12-november-2010/.... Read More