Splendid Beats Music and Thoughts by Crispy / Leave Trace
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Check out this fantastic coupling of psychedelic, glitchy, chillout tunes from Sun In Aquarius. It’s a free download, so you best do yourself a favor and add these gems to your bloated music collection. You can be sure that I’ll be using both tracks in future DJ sets. More music and info about Sun In Aquarius can be found at his Myspace page.

Sun In Aquarius is a Experimental Electronic project from up and coming sound designer Jake Rose (23). Thick sonic soundscapes and liquidy glitches interweave with the psychedelic, cryptic lyrics of jim morrison and the doors in this FREE release.
Special thanks to Travis Universe for his magical guitars on Riders on the storm!.

<a href="http://suninaquarius.bandcamp.com/album/the-doors-tripped-e-p">Riders on the storm by Sun In Aquarius</a>

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