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Attention PNW-based ambient heads: The venerable Rafael Anton Irisarri (aka The Sight Below) is curating an intentionally very limited capacity music + visual event. Substrata 1.1, happening July 15-17, and will feature work from Biosphere, Oren Ambarchi, Eluvium, Nils Frahm, Benoît Pioulard, Marcus Fischer, Crys Cole, and I3O.

Full event info, tickets (only 100 will be sold!), and artist bios can be found at www.substratafestival.com.

Substrata 1.1 is a three-day sound & visual art event held in Seattle, WA, scheduled for July 15 thru July 17, 2011.

Substrata seeks to explore varying perspectives of scale though the use of sound, composition and visuals – an international showcase featuring accomplished artists working in the cutting edge where structural abstraction meets physical dynamics.

By creating compositional spaces dealing with a sense of mass, along with openness of structure, the perspective of scale and the listeners place in relation is shifted to allow for greater a sense of ‘place’ beyond the environ of the performance in the interplay of the moment and physics of the larger world.

Wherein the most minute of gestures are made significant, or massive planes of perspective become revealed, as dynamic interplay builds these spaces that are as much acoustically sensed, as perceived in the mind’s eye. Each showcase features distinctly different takes of the potency of this kind of minimalism, varying between weighty combinations of bass and tonalities used to sculpt out atmospheric ambiance, or powerful dynamic structures made up of the subtlest filigree of sonic building materials.

As the name “substrata” implies, it is about subtle aesthetics that go beneath the surface and into deeper aural territories.

At its nucleus: a two-day performance program, followed by an auditory field trip to the beautiful Cascade mountain range. During the field trip, a small group of participants will spend time with the performing artists while capturing environmental recordings. This exercise will foster a newfound appreciation for our natural surroundings and create a platform for meaningful interaction between artists/participants while exploring a new locality.

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