Splendid Beats Music and Thoughts by Crispy / Leave Trace
Categories: Chill Room, Soundcloud Finds

Followers of my Psilicon Dreams mix series should recognize the Sun In Aquarius name. I regularly feature his new releases, as they just push all my bassy-psychedelic-ambient-glitch buttons like few others do. And look what I found! A Sun In Aquarius live set. I do love hearing how an artist strings their tracks together to make a set. About the set he says, “A recording taken from my live set at Earth Freq Festival 2011, without the live sampling i perform over the top.” I’m sure that live sampling adds an extra layer of slippery goodness to his music, so it’s too bad that didn’t also get recorded. He must be mixing that stuff in at the main board and this recording is straight from his computer. Still a damn tasty mix, nonetheless, so stap on your snorkels and prepare your mind grapes for a squishin’. SiA is taking us deep with this one.

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