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I picked up Movements, the new Solar Fields album, last week and have been listening to it daily since. The short of it is that this album is amazing. I’ve been a huge fan of Solar Fields for quite a while, and Movements fully delivers on that Solar Fields sound that I so love. I like to describe the Solar Fields sound as Arena Ambient because it’s as if he’s writing epic music to be played on giant PAs in huge stadiums. Massive bass with precise percussion and smooth, evolving textures and melodies fluttering in and out of the scape, digging deep into your emotional core, without ever stepping into cheese territory. Man, a Solar Fields arena show would just be breathtaking.

There’s nothing ground-breaking about Movements, just huge, emotional scores that are so satisfying that its easy to just let this album loop over and over. It’s interesting to me that while his sound and techniques seemed to have changed little from his first release, I have not yet tired of his brand of musical magic. He’s definitely tapped into something that just speaks to me. It’s like every release is a further refinement of that sound, leading the listener further into the depths of the same mysterious musical cavern.

If you are a fan of Solar Fields, getting this album is a must. If you are fan of the mellower flavors of electronica, you too must get this album. Not sure if you are into either of the former? You could certainly do worse things than buying Movements and giving it a chance. Check the track and videos below for a sampling of the album.

Here’s some great Solar Fields performance footage featuring the track Discovering. This must have been an incredible musical experience for those in attendance.

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November 22nd, 2013

I agree, this album is really breathtaking, I think the best of Birgersson’s albums. The beggining (‘Sol’ – ‘The Stones Are Not Too Busy’) it’s just magical, then it’s a bit worse, but the ending is also amazing (specially ‘The Road to Nothingness’).


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