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Rotary Signal Emitter – Side A from The Wire Magazine on Vimeo.

Rotary Signal Emitter – Side B from The Wire Magazine on Vimeo.

Sculpture present a flattened zoetrope on the surface of a vinyl record. The Victorian zoetrope, invented in 1834, was a three-dimensional object that consisted of a spinning cylinder with vertical slits through which still images appeared to move.

Sculptureā€™s animation requires the use of a video camera to convey its magic, but as can be seen from their videos the effort is well worth it. Just the knowledge of the latent potential contained within the vinyl surface serves to enhance the experience of the music and the spinning disc, even to the naked eye, is a hypnotic spectacle.>

What a spectacular idea and execution! Full details can be found at Hardformat.


January 4th, 2011

Oh. My. Gawd. That is so unbelievably cool. I could trip out looking at that for hours.


Crispy Reply:

@Brian Churilla, Yessirybob. Put those vids on fullscreen and trip the f out. Totally the coolest music packaging i’ve seen in recent memory. The visuals perfectly compliment the sound.


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