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Over at psy-amb.blogspot.com, PsyAmb regularly posts fantastic psychedelic chillout mixes. With his latest mix, he’s crafted an homage to the genius of Simon Posford to celebrate the release the new Shpongle album, “Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland“. The mix contains 17 tracks by Posford and friends, and it features releases from all over his long career of pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

In addition to a consistently great selection of tunes, PsyAmb also writes a bit about each track, giving you some history and insight into each piece of music. Certainly something he deserves some applause for. I love that sort of insight. Don’t miss his write-up for this Posford mix. Incidentally, the new Shpongle album’s liner notes contain a sweet little blurb on each track detailing its production process. They offer some fun insight into a true gem of an album.

And now the mix:
PsyAmb Episode 18 by PsyAmb

Tracklist ::
01. Anubis – Invocation
02. North Central Positronics – Smell The Glove (Slight Return)
03. Binah – Crescent Suns
04. Hallucinogen – The Herb Garden
05. Walter Ego – We’re High
06. Dub Trees – Magnetica
07. Purple Om – Armageddon Dub
08. Shpongle – Divine Moments Of Truth
09. Younger Brother – Crumblenaut
10. Gargoyles – Evil Do’ers
11. Celtic Cross – Jade Gates (Beauty Knows No Pain Mix)
12. Hallucinogen – LSD (world sheet of closed string mix)
13. Younger Brother – All I Want
14. Shpongle – Around The World In A Tea Daze (OTT rmx)
15. Shpongle – Circuits Of The Imagination/Linguistic Mystic/Mentalism
16. Shpongle – I Am You
17. Hallucinogen – E


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