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For January 2011’s episode of Psilicon Dreams, my monthly mix for Digitally Imported’s Psychill channel, I decided to honor one of my favorite record lables, Ultimae Records, by crafting a set entirely of music from their vast catalog of powerful and well-crafted electronica. Nearly every episode of Psilicon Dreams has contained a track or two from Ultimae, and after a recent purchase of several of their newer releases, it was an easy choice to just go all in this round. This mix is but a wee sampling of their expansive catalog, so I can’t encourage you enough to do some exploring of your own. You seriously can’t go wrong with anything with their name on it.

And of course, what would a tribute to Ultimae be without a cover in their iconic style. It looks like they’ve changed it up for their most recent releases, but that heavy black letterbox look with abstract photography made for an instantly recognizable CD.

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Download » [download#31#nohits] (1hr 14min, 170MB)

Tracklist ::
01. Sync24 – Memloop [purchase]
02. Solar Fields – Unite [purchase]
03. I Awake – Inferno [purchase]
04. Malik Trey – Sleepy Shadows [purchase]
05. Hol Baumann – Breathe [purchase]
06. H.U.V.A. Network – Indigo Room (Live Version) [purchase]
07. Sundial – Together, We Are? [purchase]
08. Scann-Tec – ASD [purchase]
09. Asura – Erase [purchase]
10. Cell Featuring Aes Dana – Switch Off [purchase]
11. Aes Dana – Heights [purchase]
12. Solar Fields – The Stones Are Not Too Busy [purchase]
13. Asura – Regenesis [purchase]


January 17th, 2011

Excellent mix. You sure love that Hol Baumann track… hahaha. It’s on a Chillography set too. The only reason I notice is because it’s my least fave on the album. Not to say it isn’t a totally sweet and valid track, because it totally is. That whole album is perfect. Just sayin’…




January 17th, 2011

I was hoping for a Carbon Based Lifeforms track 🙂 but Sync 24 is good enough!
Nice job on the cover!
And as always, very pleased with the mix. I love Psilicon Dreams, I love Ultimae. Perfect.



November 14th, 2011

Just noticed this again when I was looking through the archive. Definitely my favourite of your mixes. Ultimae has some incredible artists. Nice work on the Ultimae-style cover art too, hehe.


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