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Here it is… Psilicon Dreams 12, my monthly mix of psychedelic downtempo electronica for DI.FM’s Psychill channel, for November 2010. This mix marks the beginning of year 2 for Psilicon Dreams. Crazy… I’d have thought that I would have run out of great music to put in these monthly mixes by now, but I keep being amazed by how much awesome stuff is out there. I’ll keep mixing them as long as it keeps being easy to find the good stuff. When that becomes work, though, that’s when I pull the plug.

This month’s mix was inspired by a growing pile of glitchy/scratchy/squishy tunes that just don’t quite fit within the standard psychill cannon, so I decided to explore the outer edges of the genre, and give these tunes their proper moment of glory.

The track highlights are numerous this month. Starting it all off is the Logic Bomb’s opening track from the classic TIP World release, Twelve. I had kind of forgotten about this release, but now that it is back on my radar, I’m sure other tracks from it’s all star line-up of artists will appear in future mixes.

Following that is another piece from Eitan Reiter’s Places I Miss That I Haven’t Been To. I really love this album and will likely end up including most of it in my mixes. It reminds me a lot of the classics of mid-90s, with its melodic arpeggios and straightforward song construction. It definitely takes be back some a great time for electronica, while modernizing the sound.

Then there’s another Sun In Aquarius track from his Liquid Fix EP. For those of you keeping score at home, I do believe that ol’ Sunny has appeared the most times in all of my mixes. I just can’t get enough of his über-deep explorations of psychedelic bass music.

Jumping a head a few and you’ll get to a new one from Tipper off his absolutely stellar new album Broken Soul Jamboree. Tipper’s brand of hyper produced music is always a cut above most, but his downtempo explorations on this album are really on a whole other level. It’s a shame he doesn’t get more attention in the psychill world, as he’s easily one of the best in the biz.

Out of Tipper comes the opening track from Mr. Projectile’s 2003 release, Sinking. This track really exemplifies the atmospheric and emotional idm that he is so good at creating. This track was a constant in my dj sets when it first came out, and I’m glad to finally get it in a recorded set.

Moving on, I present to you another track from one of my recent favorite releases, Cloudcycle, from Mauxuam and Greg Hunter, with help from Master Margherita, Ishq, and Liguna Lustra. This track is darker than my usual flavor, but it just moves me. The distorted guitar, the perfect head-bobbin’ beat, and all the psychedelic fx make for a killer concoction. More please!

Then to close it all out, and leaving the set on a serious high note, is a track from Nagual Sound Experiment’s epic Invisible Movements release. If you like bass and dub and psychedelia and precision percussion programming, you need this album. I’ve been waiting years for the perfect set to drop this track, and Psilicon Dreams 12 is that set. It’s got an old rave feel, while still keeping all that energy under tight control.

Like what you hear? Let me know! And don’t forget you can grab all off the past Psilicon Dreams mixes from my downloads page. You can also subscribe to the Splendid Beats Podcast and never miss another splendid download!

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Download » [download#29#nohits] (1hr 13min, 166MB)

Tracklist ::
01. Logic Bomb – A
02. Eitan Reiter – Just Another Night (Part 2)
03. Krusseldorf – Boxing
04. Sun In Aquarius – Enigmatic Vibrations
05. Etnoscope – Floating Feeling [free download]
06. Disia – Phone Knot [free download]
07. Gel-Sol – Glade
08. Warp Technique – Nightbreak (Demba remix)
09. Tipper – Cinder Cone
10. Mr Projectile – You Need
11. Kilowatts – Deliriously
12. Leave Trace – Oh Wow [unreleased]
13. Nalepa – Blue
14. Mauxuam and Greg Hunter – Nimbus [free download]
15. Kalya Scintilla – InLakesh
16. Hibernation – The Littlest Computer
17. Nagual Sound Experiment – Hexorcism


November 18th, 2010

Nice artwork, too!
I was listening on air via speakers, now I can’t wait to listen with headphones. Downloading…


Crispy Reply:

@Diana Lili Meszaros, Thanks! It seemed like the appropriate time to switch the art style up.


Brian Churilla

November 19th, 2010




March 20th, 2011

I love this mix Crispy. Your so freakin cool for doing this for us freaks. Me loves you.


October 31st, 2011

Sick mix! Thank you for sharing this.
Heard first on DI.fm, loving it.



December 3rd, 2013

Sweet! May I ask where you get that REALLY trippy noise around the 6 minute mark? The one that sounds like an alien voice chopped up 🙂


Crispy Reply:

@AP, It’s a vocal sample with granular time-stretching where I’m tweaking the grain size as it plays. I play it again at around 53minutes and you can hear it more clearly.


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