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Portland-based DJ/producer/artist Phidelity, who I’ve mentioned before, has just released his first album via the super-sweet, indie music store Bandcamp. Phidelity’s mid-tempo beats are full of subtle textures, smooth transitions and slick programming. Just what the doc ordered to help us through these lingering days of winter. More info about the album can be found here.

Preview the entire album with the player below and click through to name your own price to purchase individual tracks or the entire album in your preferred digital format.

<a href="http://phidelity.bandcamp.com/album/twilight-audio">Twilight in&nbsp;your eyes by phidelity</a>

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August 19th, 2009

Thank you kindly for linking to my album – I also wanted to mention that I am also offering my latest ep for free download.

this can be had here

enjoy and much love!


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