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Great news for lovers of intricately crafted electronic music! Enig’matik Records has just dropped the follow up to their much loved (by me) compiliation, Painting Pictures in Silence. This second volume contains a whopping 22 tracks by some of the best sound designers in the biz, including Si Begg, Sun In Aquarius, KiloWatts, and Birds of Paradise. With elements of ambient, dub, glitch, downtempo, dubstep, breaks, and heavy washes of psychedelia, this massive release is sure to get A LOT of playtime from me and other connoisseurs of splendid beats.

Preview the release with the player below and head over to Bandcamp to get your copy. Releases of this caliber deserver to be rewarded with attentive listening and a bit of your money.

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October 27th, 2012

it’s all about music, what a great sound, between idm and raster noton, the music never has been as blossomed


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