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Check out TM404 (aka Andreas Tilliander) working the various Roland x0x units into a juicy ear massage. So good.

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I really like Four Tet‘s simple-yet-flexible approach to a live rig. For my last couple of live sets I’ve consolidated down from 8 to a 4-channel arrangement, and I’ve been enjoying the reduction of mental effort it takes to keep a set moving, while still maintaining some control over the fun bits to mess with live.

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I have 2 tracks — Quintessence and States of Decay (with Michael Maricle) — featured on this new, FREE, compilation from Invibe Music. The comp has music by Kalpataru Tree, Subaqueous, Michael Maricle, Guda, Babajaga, and more, and is loaded with beautiful midtempo vibes to spice up your Summer soundtrack. Enjoy!

Souls Emerge cover

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Phutureprimitive - Searching for Beauty in the Darkest Places Pt 1

Phutureprimitive fans rejoice! Here’s a new 5-track release to tickle you earbones with his trademark delicate balance of smooth-yet-nasty dubsteppy tunage, and a perfect dash of melody, arpeggios and vocals to keep things light. These tracks slide from your speaker cones like a comforting, silky sludge (the best kind!) and are sure to slay a festival dance floor near you this summer.

Preview it below and pick up your own copy at his Bandcamp page.

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This melodysheep guy totally gets it. Two legendary comedians, Bill Hicks and George Carlin, offer their perspectives on life, through song.

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Ah, here’s a cut from the new Benji Vaughan (aka Process and half of Younger Brother) album. It’ll be released in Spring 2013 on Twisted Records. I love the raw, analog, chunkiness of it, paired with its subtle psychedelic layers and evolving composition.

If you love this vibe as much as I do, then you should also check out his track on the recent Eclipse 2012 – Following the Eye of God compilation:

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I absolutely love this promo spot for Moog’s new Sub Phatty synthesizer, with music by Flying Lotus and animation by Adam Fuchs.

In honor of the new Moog Sub Phatty analog synthesizer Flying Lotus & Adult Swim veteran, Adam ‘Lilfuchs’ Fuchs collaborated on a short animation called Moog Sub Phatty: New Machine For Living. You can hear the new Sub Phatty analog synthesizer in Flying Lotus’s original score for the animation, called ‘Such a Square’. Thanks FlyLo, Thanks Adam. Love, Your friends at Moog.

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Woah, this Argaman double-album is something else. It’s Mad Hatter, psycho-electro-orchestral-circus music at its best. Reminds me a lot of the first time I heard The Other Side disc from Infected Mushroom’s double-release “Converting Vegetarians“, with a requisite splash of Shpongle at their wackiest. It’s also reminiscent of the wonderful differentness found in Kettel & Secede’s recent “When Can” release.

If you’ve been looking for music that’s fun and unexpected, then this is for you. Purchase is available via Argaman’s Facebook shop.

Argaman - Living in a Bubble

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Here’s a treasure from Dick Trevor‘s DAT archives — a 1999 Slinky Wizard vs Green Nuns of the Revolution remix of Atmos‘ classic cut of tech-trance, Klein Abor Doctor, which was then live-dub mixed by Hallucinogen. All involved were top of the genre in 1999, so this is truly a special combination of talents.

The description from Dick Trevor’s Soundcloud:

Looking through my old DAT’s, I found this forgotten gem… This was made in Januray 1999. It’s a remix of Atmos’ classic Klein Aber Doctor done by myself and George Barker, released as Slinky Wizard vs. Green Nuns Remix….BUT this version was done after we had put down our final mix…. Simon popped round for a cuppa and did a live mix on the mixing desk. In the “olden days” before making everything inside a computer people would make their sequenced mix then put everything on a loop and make a live mix on the analogue mixing desk twisting the FX and EQ’s, playing the desk like an instrument……this was a trick learnt from the days of Youth’s Butterfly Studios….. Simon P., Ott and Greg Hunter were masters of this.Then you could edit it down into a few minutes. So this is Simon’s live mix of our remix….its about 19 minutes long and very psychedelic! Enjoy!

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Take a look at these stunning Moogfest screen prints from DKNG.

Lots more info and process photos can be found here:
2010: http://www.dkngstudios.com/2010/10/12/moog-art-print/
2011: http://www.dkngstudios.com/2011/10/26/2011-moog-art-print/
2012: http://www.dkngstudios.com/2012/10/29/moog-inspired-art-goes-galactic/