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Wow. Check out this fantastic video of the 2009 OZORA Festival in Hungary. What a nice capture of the event! 2 tickets please. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tons of festival and video info can be found at http://vimeo.com/8458060.

The official OZORA Festival 2009 Video created by Pumpui (www.pumpui.com). 1 hour long music video with 21 mindblowing tracks from well know artists.


Aes Dana – Leylines (Ultimae Rec. 2009)
Hang-drum live opening session performed by Norbert Pรกvel and Christian Amin Varkonyi
Juno Reactor – Mona Lisa Overdrive v2 (Metropolis Rec. 2004)
Solar Fields – Good Times (Ultimae Rec. 2005)
Echotek – Don’t Be (Yoyo Rec. 2006)
Andromeda – Waterworld (Soul Surfer remix) (Yellow Sunshine Explosion Rec. 2005)
Liquid Soul – Prophecy (Yellow Sunshine Explosion Rec. 2008)
Vibrasphere – In control (Tribal Vision Rec. 2007)
Shpongle – The Stamen of the Shamen (Twisted Rec. 2005)
Electric Universe – Silence in Action (Electric Universe Rec. 2008)
Hyper Frequencies – Twisted Latitude (Syncronize Rec. 2007)
Pleadians – Vimana Pt 2 (Harmonia Rec. 2006)
Logic Bomb – Sonic Algebra (Solstice Rec. 2007)
Tristan – Terrordactyl (Nano Rec. 2007)
Man With No Name – Teleport (original mix) (Dragonfly Rec. 2000)
Hallucinogen – Deranger (Twisted Rec. 1996)
Entheogenic – Aranyanyara (Chillcode Rec. 2005)
Carbon Based Lifeforms – Photosynthesis (Ultimae Rec. 2006)
Allaby – Aurorae (Neurobiotic Rec. 2006)
Even11 – All night long (Unreleased)
Atmos – Twin Reaction (Iboga Rec, 2009)
Vibrasphere – Breathing Space (Tribal Vision Rec. 2008)

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