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I have a new(ish) track to share with you all. It’s actually an update to an older track that was an unfortunate casualty from a computer system upgrade I did many moons ago. This last weekend I finally spent some time rebuilding and embellishing it in the ways that I had been meaning to since first working on it, and it is now in a shape that I am pretty happy with. It’s a bit outside of my normal realm of production, as it is a pretty much straight-house tune, but it still has the groove and atmosphere the I strive for and features some acoustic guitar work by James Whetzel.

I highly recommend that you download the track to listen to it in full quality. (Click on the down-arrow on the right side of the player to start the download.) The streaming-quality compression introduced artifacts in the bass line that are I am not happy with and don’t know how to fix.

Enjoy the tune and please comment if you dig it!

Leave Trace – Monday Mimosas (Twenty Ten Mix) by Leave Trace

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