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King Rat King Rat by China Miéville

My review

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Dark, gritty and thoroughly enjoyable. All comparisons with Neil Gaiman are spot on, and that’s perfectly okay with me. The prominent Drum and Bass soundtrack weaved throughout the story was a fun and unique element. Miéville obviously had some insider knowledge of genre that he wanted to show off. I’ve never read a fiction book with so much to say about music, let alone the very specific genre of Jungle.

London + Urban Fairytale + Drum and Bass = A very fun read!

There are some particulars about the story that a little off, but this being Miéville’s first novel, they can easily be excused. After reading this and his wonderful Un Lun Dun, I’m really excited to dive into the rest of his material.

Now I’m onto Neal Stephenson‘s Anathem.

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