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jnr hacksaw

In every genre there are those precious few producers that continually redefine the cutting edge and really push the boundaries of electronic music itself. Jnr Hacksaw is a breakbeat producer that has been doing just that. I’ve seen his style described as psybreaks, electrobreaks, and glitchbreaks, but whatever it’s called, it is certainly awesome. He manages to take the thick and heady atmosphere of dark drum and bass, layer it upon super slick sub basslines, and cover it all in a thick ooze of brain melting sound design and audio wreckage. His music can be very reminiscent of another breakbeat artist on the edge, Tipper, but with a much more heavy-handed psychedelic sheen.

Jnr Hacksaw – 13 Mix

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Download link and mix info can be found here.

There are very few artists that produce a golden track every time, but Jnr Hacksaw certainly hits pretty close to that mark. He has quite an extensive catalog of tracks which are sold exclusively through Addictech. Download his mix, drop $15-20 bucks on his tracks, and have yourself a fantastic voyage through the better sounding reaches of breakbeats.



February 22nd, 2009

You know that JNR Hacksaw is also known as Aether and used to run Elektrik Orgasm Records, right?

I released one of his first breaks tracks on Gizmonix long, long ago.

Lex is a killer guy and writes some damn fine psychedelic and twisted music. 🙂


Crispy Reply:

I did not know that, but it makes perfect sense now! Thanks for connecting the dots for me. 🙂


February 28th, 2009

JNR Hacksaw is dopers. Stuffed turgid with brain meltyness. Love the G-design aesthetic he has for all his stuff. Great iconography. I digs it as a big steaming package. Now I just have to get you to listen to some good grindcore. It seems you like stuff that takes a few listens to fully wrap one’s head around such as I///>>> Nah, you stick to this robot music… It’s a dying fad anyway. ha! Boo-ya! I kid because I glove. But seriously, I’ve been listening to lots more ambient, psychill and psytrance than death metal and grindcore records lately. I guess I might be growing up. OR LOOSING MY EDGE!? No. Never. My edge will cut you. It’s so edgy and stuff.




Crispy Reply:

You, sir, are obviously a man with a supremely refined taste in music. 😉 Yeah, his design aesthetic is great…. it’s a nice break from the normally slick, digital art associated with most electronic music releases. As for grindcore, I’ll give it a shot, but it may be a bit too agro for my delicate sensibilities.


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