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In The Flow

This Saturday, June 13, at the Transcendent Church of Bass is going to be epic. Two of my favorite groups are playing back-to-back, sandwiched between some of the best local talent Seattle can muster. Both Pitch Black and Ott have been in town within the last year, and both played top notch sets. Pitch Black are incredible live as they are truly live mixing their material, meaning no two sets are ever the same and they cater the speed and energy of the music to the response and energy of the dance floor. On the other hand, when Ott played just a few months ago at Nectar, it sounded more like he was adding effects on top of premixed tracks. While I love love love Ott’s psychedelic digital dub, I’m really hoping he’s got a fresh set for us and not just a replay of the last set we got from him. Regardless, these two dubby heavyweights are both within my top five bands and seeing them in the intimate setting of the Church of Bass is going to be quite memorable.

This is certainly the party of the month, and definitely the thing to do on Saturday. It’ll probably be packed, if not sold out, so get your presales from BPT and stroll in when you feel ready to. Ott goes on at 11:30, followed by Pitch Black at 1.

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