Splendid Beats Music and Thoughts by Crispy / Leave Trace
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Woo… another fun fun night at HOTwired. Nelia opened the night with a really great set of midtempo grooves. I really need to get her onto a future Chillography lineup. I’ve seen her play a few times now, and she has amazing taste in music. Then Eckoe and I played a set that started progressive and ended with full-on, hands-in-the-air psytrance. The dance floor grew and grew and was at its fullest when we were playing our hardest. Then Osiris and Amanita took over and showed us all why they are booked as much as they are. Playing a solid 2×4 set of groovy techno and electro house that had Noc Noc jumping until the lights flipped on at 1:30. Nicely done, boys, nicely done.

Here are some photos and videos snapped by Lara. I’ll update with my own once I get them up on the net.

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