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I’m really looking forward to the Jónsi tour coming to Seattle in April (just got my tickets in the mail this weekend :)). I’m not looking forward to seeing it at Showbox Sodo, but this man has a direct connection to the Creative Source, and I do my best not to miss those sorts of people when they come to my town.

Check out this teaser for “Go Quiet”, a film to included in the limited & digital special editions of his upcoming album “Go”.

“the concept behind ‘go quiet’ was simple: it’s new year’s day in reykjavík, and jónsi awakens to a trashed house in the wake of his party. he avoids cleaning up and instead procrastinates by playing songs that reflect the night before, the bittersweetness of new year, and the melancholy of a year gone by” – director dean deblois.


March 10th, 2010

omg, what a great build up!


Crispy Reply:

@Lara S., Seriously!


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