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Meet the Future Nurses, the indomitable DJ duo of Osiris Indriya and Amanita. As a DJ 2×4 team, they play a fine mixture of chunky electro and progressive house, with a dash of psytrance and breaks to crank up the energy levels when needed. Hey, no wonder I like these guys! 😉 They are also the masterminds behind the fabulous HOTwired events (see my previous post for exciting news about the upcoming show) and Iosis Art Parties.

Their new mix, 001, was recently unleashed upon the unsuspecting Intertubes. I wish I could embed it here for your immediate enjoyment, but I just can’t seem to get the DJMix.net player to play nicely with WordPress. So, if you are a fan of fun, interesting, and irresistibly groovy dance music, I highly encourage you head over to their DJMix.net page to stream or download the mix. This colossal mixture of great DJs and their excellent taste in booty rocking beats is wreaking havoc on Seattle dance floors on a regular basis, and 001 is just a taste of what they can cook up. Bon appetite!

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