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Dopese’s Fluffy Chill Out Corner kindly pointed out that Dubmission Records have put their fantastic catalog of dubby electronica up on Bandcamp and at very reasonable prices. You’ll find all their releases by Pitch Black, Doof, Stress Assassin, International Observer, and others. If this is all new to you, grab the either the On A Mission From Dub or On A Dubmission comps, which present a generous sampling of their material for an easily swallowed ₤1.50 GBP (~$2.30).

The Dubmission catalog is seriously some of the best dubtronica out there, and paired with cheap prices and Bandcamps variety of format options, this is a total win for us fans. Enjoy!

<a href="http://dubmission.bandcamp.com/album/on-a-mission-from-dub">Harmonia (Deep Seed remix) by Dubmission</a>

<a href="http://doof.bandcamp.com/album/love-dub-so-ep">High by Doof</a>

<a href="http://stressassassin.bandcamp.com/album/within-the-office-of-eye-and-ear">Motorcycle boy&#8217;s theme by Stress Assassin</a>

<a href="http://pitchblack.bandcamp.com/album/ape-to-angel">Ape to Angel by Pitch Black</a>

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