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Chillography 104

Tonight is Chillography 104. I’m super excited for this one, as there seems to be a lot of momentum and enthusiasm for these chillout parties and it’s hard not to get caught up in it all.:) Plus, work has been crazy busy for the last few weeks and a night of hanging with friends and killer music sounds like a mighty fine idea. I’d be going even if it wasn’t my party! We’ve got a full night of sights, sounds and entertainment in store, provided by Blue Spectral Monkey, DJ Eckoe, Spektra, Crispy (<-hey, that's me!), Tracer Visuals, Psyche Sonics, Epic Loot Guild and the Herbal Elixir Bar. If you can't make the show, we are webcasting the entire night! Please tune into the stream at either the Chillography website or our UStream.tv channel. This is a really fun new aspect to these events as it opens up the great thing that we’ve created to a global audience while reinforcing the thought that being there in person is a much better experience.

Full event info and links, plus set downloads from previous shows can be found at www.chillography.net.

See you on the chillfloor!

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