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This melodysheep guy totally gets it. Two legendary comedians, Bill Hicks and George Carlin, offer their perspectives on life, through song.

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Ah, here’s a cut from the new Benji Vaughan (aka Process and half of Younger Brother) album. It’ll be released in Spring 2013 on Twisted Records. I love the raw, analog, chunkiness of it, paired with its subtle psychedelic layers and evolving composition.

If you love this vibe as much as I do, then you should also check out his track on the recent Eclipse 2012 – Following the Eye of God compilation:

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I absolutely love this promo spot for Moog’s new Sub Phatty synthesizer, with music by Flying Lotus and animation by Adam Fuchs.

In honor of the new Moog Sub Phatty analog synthesizer Flying Lotus & Adult Swim veteran, Adam ‘Lilfuchs’ Fuchs collaborated on a short animation called Moog Sub Phatty: New Machine For Living. You can hear the new Sub Phatty analog synthesizer in Flying Lotus’s original score for the animation, called ‘Such a Square’. Thanks FlyLo, Thanks Adam. Love, Your friends at Moog.

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Now THIS is a product video done right. Instead of a dubstep-infused blizzard of edits and mayhem, Moog slows everything down to emphasize the care and consideration they put into making this special addition Minimoog Voyager. Gear porn done right.

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Max Cooper – Micron – Official Video By Dmitry Zakharov from Dmitry Zakharov on Vimeo.

This is the official video by Dmitry Zakharov for the track "Micron" by Max Cooper, released on Traum Schallplatten.

"Life comes into being, blooms and vanishes. And where all life is built of smaller parts that form a living whole, in this video I created fractals of human body parts that are born, bloom to form a larger, more coherent whole, then die. They're abstracted hands, ears, and faces similar to Max's earlier 'positive mutation' visuals – tying a minimalist look in with abstracted shapes. Max often works with ideas around the aesthetics of science, and I wanted to connect the scientific idea of fractals to the experience of life itself."
– Dmitry Zakharov, animator.



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Tune-in here tonight, June 11 from 9pm-1am PST, to catch the live webcast of our Monster Planet mayhem. Safety not guaranteed.

View the Monster Planet Channel

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Here’s a glimpse of a new psytrance work-in-progress.

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Final cut of the full-length movie for the classic album. This utilizes the backdrop films the band used during their initial US, UK, and French tours for the album, with additional footage used for "Breathe" and live footage from 1972 added to "Time". The mix of the album for the video contains extended versions of "Speak To Me" and "On the Run".

Final cut of the full-length movie for the classic album. This utilizes the backdrop films the band used during their initial US, UK, and French tours for the album, with additional footage added to "Us and Them" and the entire "Any Colour You Like". The mix of the album for the video contains an extended version of "Money".

Spotted at Synthtopia.

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“We are not entertainers, we are sound scientists.” – Kraftwerk

Modulations is a feature-length documentary produced by George Gund and directed by Iara Lee which captures a moment in history where humans and machines are fusing to create today’s most exciting sounds.

It traces the evolution of electronic music as one of the most profound artistic developments of the 20th century. By cutting back and forth between avant garde composers, Kraftwerk’s innovative synthesizer drones, Giorgio Moroder’s glacial Euro-disco, Afrika Bambaataa’s electro-funk and Prodigy’s current worldwide superstarstardom, Modulations celebrates, replicates and illuminates the nomadic drift of the post-human techno sound.

The film examines the kids who have turned the turntable into a musical instrument, disillusioned disco lovers who created acid house out of primitive synthesizers, Motor City mavericks who saw the drum machine as their escape route out of urban neglect, and a generation of British youth who transformed these blips and bleeps into dance floor anthems of their own alienation.

Modulations provides a sense of history and context in which today’s electronic music can be understood. It entertains the converted and remixes the mindset of electronica’s nay-sayers.

Featuring a stunning collage of interviews, cutting-edge visuals, in-studio footage and live performances, Modulations moves at a pace that matches the energy and innovation of the music.