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Yes! It appears that Flying Rhino Records, one of the originators of Goa and Psytrance and one of many of such labels to fail during The Great Downloading Storm of 20XX, is resurfacing in the new digital download era as Flying Rhino Digital. I stumbled across this 4.5 minute preview on Soundcloud, showcasing a new modern sound from the Rhinos, but still containing the class and maturity that can only be gained from experience. I’m really looking forward to this release and to hear what else the Digital Rhinos have in store for us.

NeuroDriver – Church of the Plasma Christ (Preview)  by  Flying Rhino Digital

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Check out this beautifully mixed chillout session from Deepgoa.

DSNight Special – Falling in Love 2010 by deepgoa

Tracklist ::
max melvin – whatever
guardner – ready for take off intro
arbre noir – surface
patchwork – time drops
h.u.v.a. network – moon town
spyweirdos – only people who saw it
entheogenic – spaced shulman remix
max melvin – whatever
gaia project – dakini dream
blue lunar monkey – total implosion
lauge and baba gnohm – daybreak
ott – ott meets billy the kid
spinal chord – oazis
h20 – undersea
synsun – up in the sky

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This “Shpongle inspired composition” by the Bay-area based dubstep artist The Builder is a thoroughly enjoyable twist on Shpongle’s signature sound. Enjoy!

Shpongled by The Builder

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The sublime Seattle-based trip-hop duo, The New Law, laid down this fantastic set at Tost Lounge on Sept. 9, 2009. It’s a laid back mash of loungey hip-hop beats, a smattering of live sax, and vibey synth lines that will ease you perfectly into the weekend.

THE NEW LAW Live @ Tost Lounge, Seattle — 09/04/2009 by thenewlaw

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Reagenz live at DB Fest 09, photo by +Russ

Here is the Reagenz live set from the Decibel Fest 2009 closing party. I was unable to make it out to this show, and heard amazing things about this set, so I’m super happy to be able to listen to it now. Reagenz is a duo comprised of Jonah Sharp (aka Spacetime Continum) and Move D. I was able to catch Spacetime Continum’s live ambient set at the Pan Cascadia Showcase earlier in the weekend and it was definitely a festival highlight for me. Spacetime atmospherics + mellow techno beats = total win. Enjoy!

reagenz live @ decibel festival 2009-09-27 by Move D

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I listen to a lot of tracks on Soundcloud, and it’s rapidly becoming one of the best places on the ‘net to share your music and discover terrific new cuts. If you are a musician or DJ and don’t have a Soundcloud account yet, get one now. There’s tons of great material to be heard, so I’ve decided to start highlighting those tracks that really catch my ear in a new series I’m calling Soundcloud Finds.

Up first is Concentr8 by Khainz. Get ready for some top-shelf techno goodness.

Khainz — Concentr8 (Soundcloud Snip) unmastered by Khainz