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Some serious noggin’ bobbin’ psybreaks grooves from Hedflux:

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Here’s a treasure from Dick Trevor‘s DAT archives — a 1999 Slinky Wizard vs Green Nuns of the Revolution remix of Atmos‘ classic cut of tech-trance, Klein Abor Doctor, which was then live-dub mixed by Hallucinogen. All involved were top of the genre in 1999, so this is truly a special combination of talents.

The description from Dick Trevor’s Soundcloud:

Looking through my old DAT’s, I found this forgotten gem… This was made in Januray 1999. It’s a remix of Atmos’ classic Klein Aber Doctor done by myself and George Barker, released as Slinky Wizard vs. Green Nuns Remix….BUT this version was done after we had put down our final mix…. Simon popped round for a cuppa and did a live mix on the mixing desk. In the “olden days” before making everything inside a computer people would make their sequenced mix then put everything on a loop and make a live mix on the analogue mixing desk twisting the FX and EQ’s, playing the desk like an instrument……this was a trick learnt from the days of Youth’s Butterfly Studios….. Simon P., Ott and Greg Hunter were masters of this.Then you could edit it down into a few minutes. So this is Simon’s live mix of our remix….its about 19 minutes long and very psychedelic! Enjoy!

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Feast your ears on this new helping of psy-delicious from Globular. It’s a free download too!

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The latest Younger Brother album was pretty much meh, but the electronic remixes they are stating to tease us with sound like they are going to wash all those bad memories away….

Pound a Rhythm Electronic – Younger Brother by TwistedMusic

Hello …… this is a ruff draft of the electronic version of Pound a Rhythm . You’ll hear the final version when we release Vaccine – electronic ( crap title I know – its a working title i promise)

You’ll probably catch some sort of version of this if you come to any of the Younger Brother sound system gigs coming up.

hope u enjoy

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Check out this stunning deep IDM/trip-hop tune from Melbourne-based Auma, featuring a twisted B. Spears “Toxic” a cappella. On Aug 13, he’s got a new EP dropping on Enig’matik Records. More details on that here.

Toxic by auma

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Please enjoy this amazing slice of “psystep” from Birds of Paradise, a collaboration between Bird of Prey and Gibson.

The final version of ‘Quicksilver’ by my partner Gibson and I (Birds of Paradise) from his upcoming solo release, ‘In This World EP’, coming out soon on Addictech Records.He makes me proud!Be on the lookout for loads of new stuff from us…these are just the beginnings

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Followers of my Psilicon Dreams mix series should recognize the Sun In Aquarius name. I regularly feature his new releases, as they just push all my bassy-psychedelic-ambient-glitch buttons like few others do. And look what I found! A Sun In Aquarius live set. I do love hearing how an artist strings their tracks together to make a set. About the set he says, “A recording taken from my live set at Earth Freq Festival 2011, without the live sampling i perform over the top.” I’m sure that live sampling adds an extra layer of slippery goodness to his music, so it’s too bad that didn’t also get recorded. He must be mixing that stuff in at the main board and this recording is straight from his computer. Still a damn tasty mix, nonetheless, so stap on your snorkels and prepare your mind grapes for a squishin’. SiA is taking us deep with this one.

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F yes! This short live mix from Hypnagog has it all… slippery tempos, squishy textures, jazzy grooves, trancey beats, and some wacked-out Inspector Gadget action.

Hypnagog Live Mix by Hypnagog

If you dig that as much as I do, be sure to download Hypnagog’s free EP, Dreaming In Pieces.

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Wow… here’s some stellar Shponglese from Frode Langhelle. Sure it’s a blatant rip of the Shpongle sound, but he’s doing it so well, who could hate it? There are only a few tracks up on his Soundcloud, and “Searching…” is the only one that sounds anything like this. The title says both “preview” and “part 1”, so lets hope part 2 or the final version get posted soon.

Searching for Shpongleland ( Preview of Part 1 ) – Frode Langhelle by Frode Langhelle

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Please enjoy this set of lovely, melodic IDM-chill-downtempo-glitch from recent Chillography guest, Cotec.

Music to Cycle Thru  by  Cotec