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Chillography 201 by +Russ

Chillography 201 was fantastic! Beautiful beats and peeps groovin’ and chillin’ on the picturesque Seattle waterfront. Thanks to everyone that came out and enjoyed the day with us. I’m not sure how to appropriately sum up the positivity and community that I felt out there, but it was awesome. The only thing that could have made it any better would have been the porta potty that the city had promised us.

I hope you all will join us in the fall for Chillography 202.

The entire show was recorded, so I’ll have those sets up for download in a bit.

Here are a couple of great photo sets of the day:
by ECityBlues
by +Russ

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Woo… another fun fun night at HOTwired. Nelia opened the night with a really great set of midtempo grooves. I really need to get her onto a future Chillography lineup. I’ve seen her play a few times now, and she has amazing taste in music. Then Eckoe and I played a set that started progressive and ended with full-on, hands-in-the-air psytrance. The dance floor grew and grew and was at its fullest when we were playing our hardest. Then Osiris and Amanita took over and showed us all why they are booked as much as they are. Playing a solid 2×4 set of groovy techno and electro house that had Noc Noc jumping until the lights flipped on at 1:30. Nicely done, boys, nicely done.

Here are some photos and videos snapped by Lara. I’ll update with my own once I get them up on the net.

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Yup. HOTwired rules. Here’s the photo evidence:

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Holy chillout, Batman! Huge success! Fantastic sets by all our lovely DJs, 3 screens of eyecandy, and more than twice as many attendees as the previous show all made for a truly enjoyable night.

Here’s my NWTekno review::

What a fantastic night! When we started the Chillography series, we were chasing a vision that very much resembled the reality that was 103. Thanks to everyone that came out to be a part of something that’s attempting to a bit different than the typical electronic music event. It was a real pleasure to see and meet tons of new people. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and will join us again at Chillography 104, sometime in the Spring.


Now for some specific shout outs:

Geminitrix, Lara, Coral and Jenna:: You all spun beautiful sets that created one of the largest chillout dancefloors I’ve ever seen. Nicely done. I recorded the whole night, so in the near future we’ll be able to share your sets with those that couldn’t make it or would like to hear is all again.

Julirama:: Your three screens of visuals, plus the Buddha Tank, significantly added to the beauty of the night. It was a pleasure to collaborate with you on this event.

Hendrik and Adrian:: Chillography would not exist at all without you. Best partners in chill ever.

Isaac and your Elixir Bar:: Your tasty and refreshing elixirs were a delicious hit.

The door, set-up, and clean-up volunteers:: I didn’t get to meet you all, but you provided some much needed and truly appreciated help that was vital to the success of the night.


Photos and recorded sets will be posted here and at chillography.net when I’ve had a chance to process them.

Until I get my photos up, here is Lara’s great photo set of the night.

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What fun! I was all like oontz oontz oontz and Shapey was like wicky wocka wicky and then I was like earon earon scrickty wah wah woosh and Shapey did his tik tika tik tokka tokka wrown womp womp and the dancefloor was all like stomp stomp yay stomp skippy stomp….. Good times indeed. 🙂

Our set got recorded, so hopefully I’ll be able to post that at some point for download. Until then, here are some photos of the evening, taken by my wife.

And here are some great photos taken by Osiris.

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What a great evening of tunes and chillin’!:) Everything came together really well and it made for a quite a memorable night. Pictures do a much better job of describing the event, so check out Lara604‘s awesome photo set below. Also, I recorded the entire evening of music, and I’ll be posting those sets once I’ve cut the file apart and processed the sets.

A million thanks to Hendrik and Adrian for helping this thing come alive and be as great as it was. To those that were there, it was a pleasure chilling with you, and to those that weren’t, I missed you and hope that you can make it the next one.

Here is my photo set. Despite bringing the tripod, my little point-and-shoot still does not do so well in low light setting.

And here’s Lara’s video look-about.