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Here are the photos I took at the fabulous Chillography 601 event on August 4, 2013.

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I’m back from an exhausting weekend at Esthetic Evolution 2012, in the epic Twin Springs, ID. I had a blast with the Monster Planet gang, and I do believe we brought something truly unique to the festival. People either got it and loved it, or just didn’t know what to make of us. Many thanks to the EE staff for giving us the opportunity — and our own stage for the entire fest — to do what we do best – melt faces and charm snakes.

Here are a few photos I took. Somehow I managed to make it look like there was no one there, but’s that far from reality. It was jammed with 1000+ shiny, happy people.

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I finally got my Chillography 401 pics up on the old Flickr tube.


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Words fail me…..

More drool-worthy photos here.

via Synthtopia

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I finally uploaded my Shambhala 2010 photos. Enjoy!

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Here are my Chillography at Kinetic 4 photos and videos. Many of them were taken by my lovely wife, so my performance with John Ames received a heavier emphasis than the rest of the event.

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Well, that was the largest Seacompression yet, and with this being the fourth Seacomp in that hanger space, I do believe the army of production folks have finally figured out the best way to work with that giant concrete box of a space. Participating in the H’Art Center “chillout” dome was a grand time, with lots of squish, beautiful art and all my favorite people, but in order to compete with the live music stage at the far end of the room, we all had to up the chill a tick and keep the bass pumping. Certainly not a problem, but I walked in hoping to play a super mellow set of lovely ambiance.

The dance stage in the side room looked and sounded amazing this year, and I applaud the decision to only place on sound system in there. I know it was tough to whittle down the list of 40 some DJs that wanted to play to the 10 or so that got slots, but it was a better party because of that effort.

The only real knock against the night I had was that due to the new extra stringent fire code mandates, the space did feel significantly sparser than past Seacomps. Not being able cover canopies in flowy fabrics and wacky art made for a colder, less inviting space. I know everyone did what they could under the new rules, but it did make a notable impact on the decor of a typically sensory overloading event.

I have some photos still on my camera, so until I upload them to the cloud, please enjoy this awesome set from Yonderboy.

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Another fantastic Chillography come and gone. Music-wise, this may have been one of my favorites yet, with Eckoe opening with his perfect blend of psychill, followed by Kalpataru Tree’s siiiiiick dubby goodness, Manahan’s midtempo romp and finally Scott Sunn’s deeeeeep techno shplunking. Add that to Jenna and team’s beautiful makeover of the Church of Bass, Cupcake or Dies baked goodness, and the projected Entranced game, and we had all the right ingredients for a superb party.

The entire night was recorded and I’ll be posting the sets to the Chillography site, once I get around to processing the recording. I’m still working on the recordings from 201, but both shows will be available very soon. I promise!

My photos:

And check out this great little Chillography montage from Lara.

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Here are my photos and a few short videos from Chillography 201.