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Here’s a glimpse of a new psytrance work-in-progress.

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Live at Chillography 301 cover art

Download » [download#34#nohits]

For your listening and downloading pleasure is my live Leave Trace set recorded at Chillography 301 on July 31, 2010 at Myrtle Edwards Park, on the lovely Seattle waterfront. This chillin’-in-the-sunshine inspired performance included the premier of several new tunes, including a melodic downtempo remix of “Monday Mimosas”, the spaced-out “Zero G”, and closes with an unofficial Leave Trace downtempo remix of “Canyon Hymn” by post rock gods, Grails.


Tracklist ::
1. Splendor
2. Breach
3. Monday Mimosas (Chill Then Serve Mix)
4. Shellshock
5. Zero G
6. Grails – Canyon Hymn (Leave Trace Mix)


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As I work towards completing my first album, I’m keeping most of my new music secret (or for live sets only) at the moment. However, I would like to share this new slice of deep, ethereal ambient techno with you all. Enjoy!

Hear and Know by Leave Trace

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This peek into the love affair between Oneohtrix Point Never and his Juno 106 really speaks to me. It perfectly captures the mood I enter when I sit down with my X-station and just jam and tweak the hours away. Every musician should be so lucky to have 1 instrument that they know inside and out, regardless of the perceived quality or value of that instrument.

Spotted at Synthtopia.

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Words fail me…..

More drool-worthy photos here.

via Synthtopia

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I have a new(ish) track to share with you all. It’s actually an update to an older track that was an unfortunate casualty from a computer system upgrade I did many moons ago. This last weekend I finally spent some time rebuilding and embellishing it in the ways that I had been meaning to since first working on it, and it is now in a shape that I am pretty happy with. It’s a bit outside of my normal realm of production, as it is a pretty much straight-house tune, but it still has the groove and atmosphere the I strive for and features some acoustic guitar work by James Whetzel.

I highly recommend that you download the track to listen to it in full quality. (Click on the down-arrow on the right side of the player to start the download.) The streaming-quality compression introduced artifacts in the bass line that are I am not happy with and don’t know how to fix.

Enjoy the tune and please comment if you dig it!

Leave Trace – Monday Mimosas (Twenty Ten Mix) by Leave Trace

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Download :: [download#23#nohits]

This set was recorded live in the in Chillography Downtempo Dinosaur room at Kinetic 4 at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, WA on April 3, 2010. John and I performed under the short-lived name of “A Delicate Moment”, which was quickly killed for being at bit too precious of a name. Band names are hard! Beats and textures by me, Leave Trace, and cello by John Ames.

And here’s some video of the performance:

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So cool. Check out the Ekdahl Moisturizer. It’s a spring reverb with exposed springs, which means that while it can be used as a traditional spring reverb by passing audio signals through the springs, you can also stroke, pluck, and fiddle with the exposed springs to create liquidy, bouncy audio goodness. If you are looking for a unique analog sound, for only $300 this unique effect/instrument would be a fine addition to your sonic arsenal. More info about the unit can be found here.

Ekdahl Moisturizer

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music tech

Holy Baby Zombie Jesus! You know all those production tips you’ve heard over the years and thought “Yeah, that sounds good. I’ll have to remember that.” and then promptly forgotten? Well, some kind soul has put together a mega list of those tips and shared it with the world. Every producer or wanna-be producer needs to read and bookmark this list. There is something valuable here for everyone involved in the making of music with a computer (which I assume is almost everyone these days).

Get your learn on here.

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Here’s a loungey house track for your afternoons of sipping bubbly beverages from the deck of your yacht, featuring the acoustic guitar stylings of James Whetzel. This is not the final version of the tune, but I’ve never been able to open the working files properly after upgrading to a new computer a year or so ago. So, until I can resurrect it in some workable form, I thought I’d share this early render with you all.

[soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/leave-trace/monday-mimosas” params=”show_comments=true&auto_play=false&color=00adff”]