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The Splendid Beats exclusive mix just been delivered. Hit me up if you thought you were supposed to receive it and didn’t. Enjoy!

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As many of you in Seattle know, the Church of Bass venue has had to close its doors due to its inability to pay for the city-required fire code upgrades. The CoB quickly became one of the most important venues in Seattle for our lovely electronic community, and is directly responsible for allowing Chillography to ever become anything more than a pipe dream. There is hope, though! They have entered the Pepsi Refresh Project, in hopes of winning the grant money needed to get everything up to spec. If you love the Church of Bass, or want to support an innovative venue that relies on participation, rather than booze sales for income, then I urge you to cast your vote daily with the widget below or over at www.refresheverything.com/churchofbass.


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I’ve created a Leave Trace landing page at flavors.me. Flavors.me is basically a social network aggregator with tons of nice design options and customization, and a very usable free account. Pretty cool idea and excellent execution. I do hope they add in some raw html modules so I can build a more complete and specifically Leave Trace site, but until then I’ve created a few workarounds for the youtube and flickr modules that at least allow me to just show specific photos and videos.

Check out some Leave Trace action here.

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Huzzah! It’s now even easier to keep on top of my Psilicon Dreams and other various mixes/downloads. The Splendid Beats Podcast is now live. Grab the feed from here, and automagically get my latest mixes as I post them. Ain’t technology grand?

If iTunes is your thing, you can subscribe/download the podcast from here.

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I’ve set up a fan page for my musical activities on Facebook, so that those of you that would rather get your info there can now do so. I still do not have a personal account for interacting on FB, but this seems like a nice way to broadcast my updates to the FB universe.

Check me out at http://listn.to/LeaveTraceCrispy.

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I had several people inquire about the radical Chillography t-shirt I was sporting at Chillography 203, so I wanted to blast the merch link out here, in case you missed it on the Chillography site. So, gear up with a set of Chillography branded threads and be the chillest cat on the block. 🙂

Browse the selection here: www.cafepress.com/chillography101

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I’ve started a Twitter account. Not sure how or how much I’ll use it, but I thought I’d give it a try.

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I’ve fitted myself back into The Man’s machine after an epic out of doors experience. Yessir, a solid dose of camping, sunshine, good DJs, and a collection of some of the finest people the West Coast has to offer is a sure-fire way to recharge to ol’ battery. I left the weekend incredibly inspired, and am hopeful to apply much of that potential energy into my creative outlets over the coming days and months. I hope you all had Memorial weekends as great as mine.

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After a splendid week of vacation, I’m back, refreshed, and ready for it…. whatever “it” happens to be. I worked on a delightfully oozy new trance tune, played in the snow, worked in the yard, went to the comic con, hung with a good friend, got some reading in, and had some great quality time with the wife. Yessir… that is what you call a vacation success. 🙂

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I believe I fixed the RSS subscription problem. Let me know if you have trouble subscribing to the feed.

For the record, it appeared to be the blank line problem, which seems to trouble so many WordPress users on the ‘net. Finally figured out that the Art Direction plugin was the culprit. Luckily, it was not something that I used very much.