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The Monster Planet audio archives are making their way onto Soundcloud. Please enjoy these momentary snippets of our aural misadventures.

Latest tracks by Monster Planet

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I finally uploaded my Shambhala 2010 photos. Enjoy!

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I still need to update the Chillography site with the event info, but until then, head over to NWTekno or Facebook to get your Chillography 301 fix.

Only 2.5 weeks until we can properly chill in the sun! 🙂

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Monster Planet Part 4 – Welcome to Tromaville

Monday, July 12, 2010, 9pm – 1am
The Can Can, Seattle

Featuring live jambience by:

Movie selection theme:

Facebook event post:

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We’re starting to plan the next Chillography in the park shindig. Last year’s was so fun, and we can’t wait to chill in the sunshine with you all again. 🙂 Stay tuned.


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Tonight, Friday May 14, brings Seattle two great events. Whether you are looking to groove or chill, here are two cheap options of great musical line-ups to suit your mood:

First up is a birthday celebration at Waid’s that has smartly booked me, Coral, and Amanita to provide the groovy beats. It’s open to the public and I open the evening at 10, so come a little early and don’t forget your dancing shoes! The cover is $5-10.

Secondly, but certainly not lastly, is the Ambire Linearis finally at Space in Greenwood. Live ambient goodness will be provided by Gel-Sol, Carl Sagan’s Ghost, and some other fine folks. Full details can be found here. They don’t say in the post, but the past shows ahve been only $5 at the door, so I’m assuming this will be as well. The Ambire Linearis shows have all been excellent, and Space is a perfect venue for this type of show. I was extra excited to catch this one as I’m a big fan of both Gel-Sol and Carl Sagan’s Ghost, but silly me forgot what night this was on when accepting the booking for the birthday party. 🙁 Bummer….

Here’s a little preview of the set Carl Sagan’s Ghost has been preparing for tonight:

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It’s another big weekend of events here in Seattle. Here’s what’s most interesting to me:

Friday, May 7 – Sunday, May 9 :: Church of Bass Revival
A weekend full of music, workshops and yoga, all in an effort to raise some funds to do some legally require structural updates. Everyone in town seems to be involved with this, so it should be a fantastic coming together of the tribes in support of a very important asset to our diverse scene. Read about the full menu of happenings here.

Saturday, May 8 :: Psilicon Dreams 7 on DI.FM
I recorded the May 2010 installment of Psilicon Dreams last night. The first half of the set is deep and mellow, then moves into a nice dubby groove for the second half. Tune in to DI.FM’s Psychill channel at 9am US PST / 12pm US EST / 5pm UK / 18:00 Central Europe to catch its debut. I’ll post the set here for download later in the weekend.

Saturday, May 8 :: Shpongle (DJ) and Hallucinogen (live) at The Showbox
This show is going to be amazing. The latest Shpongle album is perhaps their best yet, and Hallucinogen is easily my favorite producer on the planet. I’m totally stoked for this event. 🙂 Plus there is an afterparty at the Church of Bass, with the Future Nurses, Coral, DEFIB, and Hendrik. Saturday/Sunday morning is full of all kinds of awesome.

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The Monster Planet website is live and ready to shock and amaze! Check it out at ItCameFromMonsterPlanet.com.

The next jambient/b-movie session is in the works and scheduled for May 10 at The Can Can.

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dancechurch logo
Tonight I’m playing at DanceChurch with Hendrik. I’m scheduled to open at 7:30, so come early!

Here’s the official blurb, from the Facebook event:

We invite you to come to Dancechurch this Wednesday for a fun night of dancing and community. Music starts at 7:30 and ends at 10, so please come early to catch it all.

Your presence means a lot to us! The church is going through a challenging time and dancing with you really helps!

All ages, family friendly, and alcohol free. $5-10 requested donation, no-one turned away for lack of funds. Water will be available for free (please bring your own cup or container). Hot tea, Freewil’s Kombucha, bottled water, reusable earplugs, and snacks will for sale.

Please help keep things cool with our neighbors: please park in the street and not in any of the lots around the church.

Love and beats,


Starts at 7:30pm
@Transcendent Church of Bass
920 Elliott Ave W

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Here’s a great capture of the Kinetic 4 event by RnK Productions. I and the Chillography room are featured in the last couple of minutes of the vid. Blow it up to fullscreen and enjoy the HD goodness. 🙂