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Categories: Chill Room, Visual Art
Categories: Chill Room, Leave Trace

Last night I recorded a dreamy, supermoon-inspired lullaby. Straight from my subconscious to yours, it was recorded live in a few multi-track passes with minimal editing in post.

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The ’90s vibe is alive with this one! Here’s a VHS rip of Warp Records’ animated CG extravaganja from 1994. Now where’d I put that radical Magic Eye book?

“Warpvision presents an Artificial Intelligence video – (Motion) – electronic listening music for the eyes”

Video by David Slade and Phil Wolstenholme: (Nanotechnics.1); (Mirage); (Corpus Porpoise Posthumous Non Polhemus); (Lifespan); (Sim)(biotics).

Audio: Scanner – Untitled; Link – Arcadian (Global Communication Remix); Beaumont Hannant – Utuba; Polygon Window – Polygon Window; Richard H. Kirk – Reality Net; Speedy J – Symmetry; Mark Franklin – Release To The System (Beaumont Hannant Remix); Autechre – Basscadet (Bcdtmx).

© & ℗ 1994 Warpvision

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Memorial Day weekend, deep in Oregon’s Umpqua National Forest, I played an afternoon live set featuring an equal mix of my released and unreleased material. I was really happy with how this particular collection and flow of music turned out, so I’m excited to share it with all of you as well. Enjoy!

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Yum, new Boards of Canada. Reach for the Dead from the Tomorrow’s Harvest album dropping on June 10, 2013. This track is available for purchase now at Bleep.

Also, there should be a cover/parody band called Bored of Canada. Just sayin’…

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Check out TM404 (aka Andreas Tilliander) working the various Roland x0x units into a juicy ear massage. So good.

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I have 2 tracks — Quintessence and States of Decay (with Michael Maricle) — featured on this new, FREE, compilation from Invibe Music. The comp has music by Kalpataru Tree, Subaqueous, Michael Maricle, Guda, Babajaga, and more, and is loaded with beautiful midtempo vibes to spice up your Summer soundtrack. Enjoy!

Souls Emerge cover

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Ah, here’s a cut from the new Benji Vaughan (aka Process and half of Younger Brother) album. It’ll be released in Spring 2013 on Twisted Records. I love the raw, analog, chunkiness of it, paired with its subtle psychedelic layers and evolving composition.

If you love this vibe as much as I do, then you should also check out his track on the recent Eclipse 2012 – Following the Eye of God compilation:

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Woah, this Argaman double-album is something else. It’s Mad Hatter, psycho-electro-orchestral-circus music at its best. Reminds me a lot of the first time I heard The Other Side disc from Infected Mushroom’s double-release “Converting Vegetarians“, with a requisite splash of Shpongle at their wackiest. It’s also reminiscent of the wonderful differentness found in Kettel & Secede’s recent “When Can” release.

If you’ve been looking for music that’s fun and unexpected, then this is for you. Purchase is available via Argaman’s Facebook shop.

Argaman - Living in a Bubble

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Available for free download is my 3-track EP, Textural Selection. These tracks are linked by their synesthetic fusion of audio grit and the deep, mellow atmospheres that I’m compelled to explore. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of fuzz in your stylus of life to remind you to pay attention to the moment and savor reality while you still can.

Stream it in it’s entirety via the player below and download a track or the entire release in the format of your choosing—including lossless formats—here.

Music and Art by Chris Haines. Dilate originally by Justin Byrnes, Keith Kelley & Sean Donoghue-Neider and released on Anxiety of Acceleration EP. Mastered by Jake Perrine.