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I love the blossoming genre of “ambient” games. To quote this page, “Growing out of ideas in ambient music, ambient gaming is defined as “ignorable as it is interesting” after Brian Eno’s description of ambient music.”

Enter Blush from the fine game developers at Flashbang Studios / Blurst. While Blush doesn’t fully fit within my understanding of the ambient game genre, it certainly hits close enough to mark that I find it interesting. It is a fantastic Unity game the seems to be part Snake, part Osmos and a dash of something new, so it’s a bit more active and competitive than a true ambient game. You play as a translucent, neon jellyfish, trying to survive in a translucent, neon deep-sea scape. By whipping your tentacles around you collect the eggs of other sea creatures, and deposit them in specific locations to power-up your jelly vessel to take on larger sea creatures. The controls are dead simple, the game physics are smooth, and the visual style and effects are serious eye-candy.

From Blurst’s blog:

Blush is a free game about the underwater exploits of a physics based squid (or Crystalline Attack Sperm, depending on who you talk to.) As you collect eggs and return them to the various glowing catchers, your tentacles grow longer and your speed increases. By the end of the game, you’re brawling against some rather sizable critters. We’ll let you discover just how large and how many for yourselves!

The best part about all this is that it’s free! Give it a play over at http://blurst.com/blush/. There’s lots of great making-of posts on the Blurst blog, so check that out as well, if you are into such things.

Like the soundtrack? dB Soundworks has made all three tracks used in the game available for download here.

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March 4th, 2009

Wow. That looks great.


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