Splendid Beats began as a place to consolidate all of my DJ and original music info into one place, but it quickly expanded to also be a place for me to talk about music, events and related topics that I find interesting. As a DJ, I like to think of myself as a music filter, and my goal is to extend that filter to information and present it here for your enjoyment.

With 15+ years behind the decks, Crispy expertly covers the gamut from deep ambient and ethereal downtempo, to booty-shaking tribal progressive, psychoactive breaks, and blissful psytrance. To keep things interesting, some well-crafted genre blending can usually be expected. Whatever he plays, you can be sure that it will be groovy and smoooooove. This Seattle-based DJ will regularly be found at club nights, Burning Man events, chill rooms, parties, festivals and out of door experiences.

Starting with cello and guitar as a child and moving to electronic production and turntables in 1996, Leave Trace has been actively playing and creating music for most of his life. His music tends to be moody and psychedelic, heavily influenced by mid-90’s electronica greats like The Orb, Orbital, Underworld and FSOL. Whether it is soundscapey, textural ambient or groovin’ dancefloor material, Leave Trace writes primarily from the subsconsious, letting audio doodles manifest and mature into works of groove and atmosphere.



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