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Tonight, Friday May 14, brings Seattle two great events. Whether you are looking to groove or chill, here are two cheap options of great musical line-ups to suit your mood:

First up is a birthday celebration at Waid’s that has smartly booked me, Coral, and Amanita to provide the groovy beats. It’s open to the public and I open the evening at 10, so come a little early and don’t forget your dancing shoes! The cover is $5-10.

Secondly, but certainly not lastly, is the Ambire Linearis finally at Space in Greenwood. Live ambient goodness will be provided by Gel-Sol, Carl Sagan’s Ghost, and some other fine folks. Full details can be found here. They don’t say in the post, but the past shows ahve been only $5 at the door, so I’m assuming this will be as well. The Ambire Linearis shows have all been excellent, and Space is a perfect venue for this type of show. I was extra excited to catch this one as I’m a big fan of both Gel-Sol and Carl Sagan’s Ghost, but silly me forgot what night this was on when accepting the booking for the birthday party. 🙁 Bummer….

Here’s a little preview of the set Carl Sagan’s Ghost has been preparing for tonight:

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