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My last live recording from 2015, made while waiting for our New Year’s guests to arrive. Wishing you and yours al the best for 2016!

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Presenting my remastered collection of the hidden soundtrack to “The Secret History of D.B. Cooper,” Brian Churilla’s visionary tale of the Cold War, psychotropic assassins, and America’s most infamous skyjacker. Also included for the optimal listening experience is a continuous and enhanced album mix. Turn down the lights, press play, and let the cinema of the mind take over.

Categories: Chill Room, Leave Trace
Categories: Chill Room, Leave Trace

Here’s my Leave Trace set from the annual and ├╝ber awesome Chillography event, held on the Seattle waterfront at the peak of summer.

:: Set list ::
Leave Trace – OhmG
Leave Trace – Dispatch
Leave Trace – Case of You (feat. Pepper Proud)
Leave Trace – Celluloid
Leave Trace – Retrograde
100th Monkey – Until the Dawn (Leave Trace Bootleg)
Leave Trace – untitled
Leave Trace – Tryptophan
Leave Trace – Hear and Know
Aligning Minds – Weeping Willows (Leave Trace Remix)
Leave Trace – Approach Vector
Cyanwave (feat. Night Train) – Dilate (Leave Trace Remix)

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This video shows the journey from start to finish of creating a drum ‘n bass track with a 100% analog signal path from the synthesizers creating the music in real time, being recorded to open reel tape, mastering the tape with outboard analog equipment, and finally cutting the tape directly to vinyl.

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Humans are awesome.

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Playing with my Sonic Shiva setup here. Recorded live, in one take, mistakes and all.

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Exploring some deep, ambient dubscapes while in Thanksgiving haze. Watch in HD for the best audio quality.